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When your child has been injured in a car accident in Florida due to use of a defective car seat, talk to our compassionate attorney about your legal rights.

How can we help after a car accident where a car seat was defective?

We work with experts and engineers to hold the manufacturers of defective car seats accountable for the injuries caused to your child.

Sean M. Cleary
Miami Defective Car Seat Lawyer

For children ages 1 to 13, car accidents are a leading cause of death. On average, yearly, two children under 13 are killed in Miami alone, and 319 are injured every day while riding in cars, SUVs, pickups, and vans throughout the state of Florida. Most of these car accidents and injuries occur among children traveling as passengers. Restraining children properly in a vehicle's back seat can reduce fatalities and injuries by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers. However, it is a harsh reality, and completely unacceptable that many of the car seats and seat belts used to protect our children are, in fact, defective products.


How can we handle a defective car seat case?

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Common Child Safety Seats Questions

Are Airbags Dangerous for Children? »

Airbags can save lives, but they can be very dangerous for children. Depending on the severity of a car crash, airbags can deploy at speeds up to 186 mph. A child under 12 is at risk in the front seat, sited in a rear-facing safety seat, where his or her head is directly in front of an airbag that deploys.

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Is It Legal for My Children to Travel in the Front Passenger Seat? »

While Florida car safety laws are not strict for children 6 or older, the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles clearly recommends that children younger than 13 should ride in the back seat of the vehicle. The reason is that, when deployed, airbags can be extremely dangerous for those under certain height and weight limits.

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