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Do I Have to Go to Court to Get a Proper Settlement for My Florida Side Collision Case?

If the other driver offers a settlement that covers your damages, it is not necessary to go to court over a side collision case, especially if the injuries or damage are minor. Only for more severe cases, or if the settlement is unsatisfying, is court action recommended. An experienced attorney can help you get the most convenient settlement possible.

The recommended course of action depends on the circumstances of your case and the severity of your damages. If you only sustained minor injuries or moderate property damage and the other party admits liability, the other driver's insurer will probably offer you a settlement that covers these losses. If you find the offer satisfying, meaning it covers your medical bills and the costs of repair for your vehicle, you should accept it and no further legal action is needed.

Personal injury cases only rarely end up in courtrooms. In the vast majority of cases your attorney and the other driver's insurance company will settle for an amount that is found to be reasonable. If however negotiations fail, you and your attorney should be ready to fight the case in court.

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