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Sean M. Cleary
Florida Amusement and Water Park Accident Lawyer

Although amusement park accidents are few and far between when compared to common auto accidents, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that there are over five related deaths per year due to rides in theme parks and water parks across US. Another study revealed that over a period of only 20 years, over 93k children, teens, and adults received emergency room treatment for injuries caused by theme park rides, water slides, roller coasters and some were fatal injuries. Over 600 million people each year in Florida alone visit popular theme park attractions and water parks.


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What Legal Claims Can I Bring for an Amusement Park Injury? »

The legal claims associated with Amusement Park Injuries are negligence, product liability, and premises liability. In amusement park cases, the owner of the establishment owes a duty to protect the park's guests from dangers, therefore, in the case of an injury, he can be held responsible. In order to prove liability in an amusement park injury case, one must prove the following: the duty owed, the breach of duty, that the breach of duty was the cause of the accident, and that the accident led to the injury.

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How Much Do Amusement Park Injury Lawyers Charge? »

Due to the fact that amusement park injury cases are usually handled by personal injury lawyers, you should be charged on a contingency fee basis. Meaning that it doesn’t cost you anything for you to hire an attorney to help you with the case, as he will be paid only if the case is won when he will be reimbursed for his expenses out of the recovery you are awarded.

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How Difficult Is an Amusement Park Injury Case? »

Personal injury claims relating to amusement park injuries may be complicated because they involve different areas of tort law. They can involve premises defects, product defects, and general tort law. Regarding potential expert witnesses required to prove the claim, it may be necessary to retain the service of a design engineer to establish what caused the accident.

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