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What Should I Do If My Hip Implant Has Been Recalled?

Manufacturers will attempt to minimize their guilt and your compensation. As they have a close relationship with doctors, they might try to get your medical record from the doctor to stop your claim or convince the doctor to talk you out of a lawsuit. Consult an attorney.

Finding out that the medical device you use is defective is never a pleasant situation. People often think they will receive compensation when a company announces the recall of a certain product, but they should know that a recall does not mean that you can fully trust the manufacturer. It is important to realize that companies are faced with a huge financial liability when they sell dangerous products and even though they might be willing to do the right thing by removing the danger, they also wish to have successful businesses. Manufacturers have a deep interest for diminishing their guilt when it comes to people who are in pain caused by the defective devices they have used. Sometimes that interest could mean that a recall will not necessarily assure that you will be receiving compensation for your injuries.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that medical devices manufacturers have a close relationship with doctors. They might try to get your medical record from the doctor to stop your claim or they might even convince the doctor to try to talk you out of a lawsuit. This is why we recommend t only take legal advice from your lawyer.

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