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If you sustained injuries or lost a loved one after a yacht - or another recreational boat - accident, as a result of safety violations or negligence, we can recover compensation through insurance from the responsible parties.

How Can We Help?

  • We work with maritime safety experts and investigators.
  • We thoroughly investigate the causes of your yacht accident.
  • We prevent insurers from manipulating you.
  • We help you make informed decisions regarding your case.
  • We fight to recover compensation for you and your family.
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Yacht and Recreational Boat Accidents: Types and Causes

Miami Yacht Accident Lawyer

Why should there be a concern when it comes to yachting dangers? The U.S. Coast Guard reports that each year there are over 600 boating accidents in Florida. Recent yearly statistics show that over 2K individuals have been involved in vessel accidents, out of which 421 suffered injuries and 67 victims died. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission registered 67 accidents per year involving recreational vessels in Miami-Dade County, which caused 7 fatalities and 37 injuries. Monroe County had the highest number of registered accidents per year, 105, which caused 3 fatalities and 52 injuries. The highest number of Florida yachting accidents occurred while cruising during the months of May and August.


How Do We Handle a Yacht and Recreational Boat Accident Case?

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