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Since the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act enactment in 1966, over 66 million auto parts and components have been recalled due to life-threatening safety defects. In addition, over 390 million cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles have been recalled due to safety concerns. Auto part manufacturers, like any product makers, have a duty to ensure their products are safe before hitting the market. Poorly designed, faultily produced, or mismarketed auto parts may lead to serious injury or wrongful death.


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Common Auto Parts or Components Questions

What to Do If the Manufacturer Won't Replace or Refund My Lemon Car »

If the manufacturer refuses or fails to offer a replacement vehicle or a refund for a 'lemon car' it is highly recommended that you hire an attorney to help you sue. The so-called 'Lemon Law' provides legal recourse for the purchase or lease of a defective new car that repeatedly fails to meet standards of quality after a minimum of three repairs or 30 days out of service.

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Can I Recover Damages if I Don't Own the Car Involved in the Accident? »

Yes, you may be entitled to receive damages even if the car does not belong to you. However, you will have to prove that the component was unreasonably dangerous, that you were operating it as intended and were not aware of the defects, and that you suffered losses as a result of the accident.

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What Is the Difference Between Crashworthiness Injuries and Injuries Caused by the Accident Itself? »

Injuries caused by a car’s crashworthiness are compensated separately from those caused by the accident itself. You can sue the driver at fault for compensation for your injuries, and you can also sue the manufacturer of the car or car part showing that the defect caused or exacerbated your injuries.

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What Compensation Can You Get in a Defective Car Part Lawsuit? »

The compensation that you can get for being injured due to a defective car part generally consists of economic and non-economic damages. More precisely, victims or the victims' families can receive compensation for medical expenses, treatments, funeral costs, present and future lost wages, pain and suffering, inconvenience etc. In certain cases, punitive damages may be awarded to encourage manufacturers to fix inherent defects.

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