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Will I Get Compensation for Surgery After a Car Accident in Miami?

Yes, if you were a victim of a car accident in Miami and you require surgery then you should receive compensation. All medical procedures arisen from a car accident are usually covered by insurance and will be compensated, including surgery at a later stage or reconstructive plastic surgery, as long as you have not signed an early agreement before assessing the true extent of the damages.

Surgeries, like all other medical procedures required following a car accident, are commonly covered by insurance. If the surgery was an emergency procedure necessary immediately after the crash, it would be compensated in the medical expenses category.

If the surgery was required at a later stage as a result of unforeseeable complications arising from the accident, victims could recover its costs in the future medical expenses category. Because such procedures might be required in a later stage of recovery, victims are advised not to sign an early agreement with insurance companies before they are not aware of the full extent of their damages.

Plastic surgery required following a severe accident can also be covered by insurance, as long as it can be proved that the purpose of the procedure is reconstruction.

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