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How Much Is a Personal Injury Case Worth In Miami?

The value of a case is determined by using a formula. The most important aspects to look at are the injuries themselves, the intensity, frequency, and duration of the types of care that you go to, and whether you have a permanent impairment to a body part, an impairment that is correctly documented and indicates future medical care.

One of the questions injured individuals most frequently ask is how much is their case worth. Having an accurate answer is extremely important as it can influence the decision to file a lawsuit. No matter if the injury resulted from a car accident, a slip and fall injury or a boating accident, the financial compensation will be established according to the damages suffered. These damages can be monetary, physical, and mental.

The damage award in Miami is usually established after negotiation between the parties involved and their attorneys. Damages are paid by the person or company at fault or their insurance companies. Insurance companies usually try to settle a case as early as possible, as long as the full extent of damages is not yet known.

Attorneys advise their clients against such early settlements. In case negotiations fail, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed and the case will proceed to court. Compensatory damages normally include:

  • Medical treatment. Medical bills and the costs of present and future medical care resulting from the accident.
  • Lost income. Lost wages during recovery time but also the income a person would have made in the future in case he or she was not injured.
  • Pain and suffering. These damages include serious discomfort and ongoing pain following an accident.
  • Property damage. Damages which occurred to the vehicle or other personal items involved in the accident.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. This is a type of damage reflecting the activities and opportunities lost due to the injury.
  • Loss of consortium. This is a type of damage reflecting the impact the accident had on the personal relationships.

Besides these damages, an injured individual in Miami, can receive additional compensation in case the court decides the defendant's conduct requires punitive damages.

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