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In 2011 the FDA issues a public warning regarding these severe complications women are facing.

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Defective Vaginal Mesh Devices

A vaginal mesh is a semi-permeable medical device implanted in women to reinforce the structures of the lower abdomen and keep their organs in place. The device vaginal mesh is usually positioned through the vagina, although it can also be put through an incision in the abdomen.

Introduced in 1990, the device corrected pelvic organ prolapse, a condition affecting senior women, characterized by weakening of the pelvic muscles which allow the pelvic organs like the bladder, uterus, and rectum to drop into the vagina.


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Can a Class-Action Lawsuit Help Me Get Compensation for the Injuries Caused by a Defective Vaginal Mesh?

Over time, there have been cases of women who suffered major physical injuries and emotional stress as a result of using a poorly designed and not properly tested vaginal mesh. Complications that cause harm to women are the reason a lot of defective

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How Can I Obtain Money to Pay for the Medical Help I Need as a Result of Using a Defective Vaginal Mesh?

Defective vaginal meshes can cause significant pain to women who use them and can also negatively affect their lives. Most of the times, patients end up needing expensive medical care and several surgical interventions. Women who find themselves in this kind of situation usually cannot afford to pay for the medical health care they need and, in...

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What Should I Know About the Potential Complications of a Vaginal Mesh Surgery?

When you took into account the vaginal mesh as a method of treatment, you probably never imagined that you would need to file a lawsuit as a result. You should know that a lot of female patients have had to use a vaginal mesh to treat several affections. Unfortunately, in the last years,...

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What Are the Fundamentals of Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits?

If you consider the possibility of filing a vaginal mesh lawsuit, there are several important things that you should keep in mind. First, you should know that this action is the result of situations that include fraud, strict

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What Are the Aspects That a Jury Is Likely to Take into Account in a Vaginal Mesh Case?

Thousands of women who are injured by defective vaginal meshes decide to file lawsuits against the manufacturer. This happens after suffering from an erosion of the mesh into the vagina that causes damage to the uterus, pelvic pain, or any other complications. Complaints are quite...

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