What common issues are associated with high net worth divorce?

There are numerous assets and complications to work through in a high net worth divorce. The duration and outcome of such a case can be influenced by several property issues that exceed valuation and division, involving business-related transactions, tax considerations, privacy matters, and other complex family disputes.

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Multiple issues can arise in a high net worth divorce that you would not typically encounter in other divorce cases involving couples who do not own significant financial assets due to the complexity and diversity of owned properties and incurred debts.

Both community and separate property (in cases when it becomes commingled with marital property) can be divided and awarded to either spouse at the end of a high net worth divorce. Therefore, it is essential to adequately prove ownership and determine, first and foremost, separate vs. marital property.

The particularities of a high net worth divorce are dictated by:

Common issues in high net worth divorces

Further frequent concerns to high asset divorces include the following:

Several elements surrounding a high asset divorce go beyond property identification and valuation. Thus, it is of utmost importance to rely on the proficiency of a reputable attorney specializing in this area of practice.

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