Is alimony always awarded in a high net worth divorce in Florida?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question, as numerous factors might contribute to a judge’s decision to award spousal support, also known as alimony, in a high net worth divorce in Florida. However, the ex-partners need to know that they do not have to accept the judge’s decision concerning alimony, as they can make their own arrangements. They can agree on the amount of spousal support payment by themselves or with the assistance of a specialized attorney.

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While this law applies to couples with regular incomes, it also applies to high net worth spouses, although the sum of money to be paid as alimony will be calculated differently in these two cases.

For people with a regular income, there is a standard formula that is used to calculate the payment the spouse with a low income will receive the following divorce.

For the high net worth individuals who are getting a divorce, the decision on how much they should pay their less wealthy ex-spouse will be made by the judge. Every year, Republican lawmakers strive to end permanent alimony in Florida, but their effort always falls short due to strong opposition from Democrats or missed deadlines. Therefore, alimony is often awarded in the Sunshine State, including to high net worth couples who get a divorce, and the factors that make it more likely to be awarded are the following:

  • having had a long marriage: the duration of the marriage is perhaps the first factor that a Florida court will look at when you get a divorce, and under Florida law, there is a presumption that short-term marriages are those lasting “less than 7 years” and long-term marriages are ones lasting “17 years or greater”
  • a significant gap in current income and future earning potential: spousal support is unnecessary and inappropriate when both parties are high earners, but where there is a big gap in the current and future financial prospects of the partner, alimony is more likely to be granted
  • professional and personal sacrifices for family and marriage: lastly, Florida courts are more likely to offer alimony to a partner who made professional and personal sacrifices to support the family and marriage, such as when one spouse continues practicing as a doctor after having met their partner in medical school and the other retires and serves as a full-time stay-at-home parent

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Frequently, when alimony is awarded, the high net worth individual is not content with how much the judge ordered them to pay to their ex-spouse, so they will hire a specialized attorney to help sort out the issue.

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