Is Florida a no-fault high net worth divorce state?

A high net worth married couple that does not get along anymore can file for marriage dissolution in Florida. Either partner can file for divorce without their spouse having committed any fault. Under the no-fault umbrella, it’s enough for one of the partners to prove the marriage is “irreparably broken” and petition for divorce.

Husband Had a Stroke After an Emergency Room Visit

Florida no-fault divorces don’t need to be agreed upon by both partners. Should the marriage be deemed broken and beyond saving, either spouse can seek divorce. This differs greatly from the fault divorces, which need to detail bad behavior carried out by the defendant for the divorce to be granted.

A high net worth divorce in a no-fault state like Florida can be either contested or uncontested. The divorce is uncontested if all the terms and conditions have been agreed upon and there is a signed accord between both parties. Alternatively, contesting a divorce based on irreconcilable differences means one party has issues with what the other party proposed.
Issues in a contested divorce may arise from:

  • distribution of assets
  • alimony
  • child support
  • time-sharing with the children

When you need assistance with your Florida no-fault high net worth divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can be highly emotional and confusing. The good news is that no-fault divorce is based on incompatibility, which is straightforward. Not providing a reason for a high net worth divorce in a no-fault state can:

  • relieve the court of the onerous duty of deciding where the fault lies
  • spare the spouses from having to discuss personal issues in court

The purpose of a no-fault divorce is to encourage an amicable and smooth process between spouses seeking to dissolve their marriage, without animosities and accusations. Still, a judge needs to be presented with factual evidence that attests to the union being “irretrievably broken”. Also, the judge can decide upon the details of no-fault high net worth divorces, such as:

  • the division of assets and debts
  • awarding custody of the children
  • settling alimony issues

While no-fault divorce is a relatively simple process, high net worth divorces can prove to be challenging most of the time. Before your separation gets time-consuming and difficult to handle, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary. Our high net worth divorce attorney is highly qualified to take on complex cases that require a clear delineation of marital and individual property, division of assets, establishing alimony, and child support.

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