Do Health Care Professionals Know I'm Starting a Medical Malpractice Case?

It is unlikely that medical professionals know that you are bringing a malpractice claim, though it happens sometimes. Occasionally, some of them may alter or amend medical records.

Most health care professionals who negligently hurt a patient are not dishonest people or even bad professionals. For whatever reason, they made an error.

If health care professionals do alter medical records once they fear a claim, the alteration typically comes in the form of the entry they make in the first instance as opposed to changing it after the fact.

In addition, it is typically difficult for medical professionals to alter medical records as the information may be in several different records and might be cross-checked.

So while records alternations are rare, our Miami medical malpractice attorney is always aware of the possibility. Accordingly, we look for discrepancies and errors in the medical records that indicate an alteration.

Should your child become injured while under the care of medical professionals and you feel it may have been due to medical malpractice, we recommend that you first seek out a second opinion from a trusted and experienced pediatrician. It’s also best to seek out an attorney, like the one at The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary, who focuses on pediatric malpractice cases.

Health care professionals rarely tell their patients they commit malpractice. You need a lawyer to investigate your claim. Between a qualified expert and a lawyer, you’ll gain a better idea of how severe your child’s injuries are, which treatment options you should consider, and your legal rights under the circumstances.

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