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Are There Any Damage Caps On Heart Attack Cases?

Medical malpractice victims are entitled to economic and non-economic damages. Many states have passed caps (limits) on medical malpractice cases. Florida is a special case, as an initial $1 million personal injury cap was overturned in court. An attorney can help you with a customized assessment.

The main reason why people initiate a medical malpractice case is to get a refund for the damages suffered as a result of the injury. These are both economic and non-economic damages. Our goal is to ensure that clients receive the highest possible amount of damages depending on the particulars of the case.

Many states in the US have passed caps on medical malpractice cases. This means that these states have created a limit beyond which malpractice damages cannot be recovered.

In some cases, the caps apply to the economic. However, in some states, the cap applies generally to the full array of damages recoverable by the client. You can check the cap in your state online or you by consulting us. Contact us at The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary for information on the cap in the state where the malpractice case took place.

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