Injured? What to Do Next?

When a serious personal injury occurs, victims are usually overwhelmed and might commit acts that can compromise their chances of recovering the just compensation they deserve. For example they might make a statement, admitting full responsibility, might fail to gather crucial evidence to support their case or might exceed the statute of limitation to file their claims. That is why it is essential to be informed in time about the basic steps to be taken towards an optimum outcome.

What to do following a serious injury

Here is some general but useful advice that can be considered by victims of all types of personal injury:

  • Try to stay calm and make sure you and anyone else involved receive proper medical attention
  • Make sure to gather as much evidence as possible regarding the circumstances of the accident, including illumination, road or floor conditions, weather condition and any sustained property damages
  • Take pictures and write down names, addresses and insurance companies of other people involved or potential witnesses
  • Notify the police and give a written statement
  • If you were the victim of a criminal act aboard a ship on international waters, ask the crew to notify the FBI or do so yourself
  • Do not sign any statements or agreement with insurance companies
  • Do not admit responsibility for the accident
  • Make sure to document your injuries and to keep all medical bills
  • Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as the circumstances allow it

By following these simple advises personal injury victims will increase their chances of recovering proper financial compensation by holding the faulty parties accountable.

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