Why are left turns bad in Florida?

Each year there are almost 400K traffic accidents in Florida. When driving in Miami, you should slow down at intersections. Top complaints against Florida drivers include people who don’t use their turn signals and people who aren’t paying attention when the light turns green.

Left turns are dangerous According to a 2016 study, Florida has the worst drivers. Florida driving rules determine that improper left turns include the following:
  • Making left turns when they're not permitted. To ensure proper flow of traffic and safety, some streets do not permit left turns to be made at all.
  • Turning from the incorrect lane. If you're turning left, the far left lane is ideal.
  • Turning into traffic traveling the wrong way. Sometimes a driver makes a legal turn but winds up turning into the wrong lane. This could be especially dangerous if the driver turns the wrong ramp for a highway or down a one-way street.
  • Turning without the right of way. Failure to observe the right of way makes crashes more likely. Aggressiveness, unwillingness to share the road, or a compulsion to command it, was cited as the No. 1 reason for Florida accidents.
  • Failure to use a turn signal. A turn signal warns others of your intention to merge turn. Failure to use your signal could increase the risks of a collision, it's against the law and leads to two million collisions per year in the U.S., according to a Society for Automotive Engineers study.

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How can The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary help?

If you were injured in an accident after someone made a left turn, the driver who made the left turn will most likely be held liable.

The only times this may not happen are when:

  • The other driver was speeding
  • An unexpected event caused the other driver to stop during the left turn
  • The other driver failed to stop at a red traffic signal

If you have been injured in a crash because of an illegal left turn, you can claim compensation by filing a car accident injury claim.

You may recover damages such as your medical expenses, any wages that you may have lost because of your injuries and recovery, and any pain that you have suffered. Our lawyer will help you make sound legal decisions every step of the way.

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