Should I Give a Statement to an Insurance Company After My Slip and Fall?

If the insurance company of a Miami shopping center where you slipped and fell asks for your statement you must not give them one. It is crucial never to give statements to insurance companies without an attorney advising you. Insurance companies will attempt to maximize your fault and minimize that of the business where the incident occurred, to pay no compensation or only the minimum compensation required. With the help of an attorney, you can receive fair compensation.

Avoid giving any statements to insurance companies without prior consulting or in the absence of your lawyer. Usually, insurance companies aim at having your agreement on receiving less money than your case is worth.

In establishing the damages, the permanency of the injuries is taken into consideration. It can take up to several weeks to completely appreciate this and in no circumstances can be evaluated immediately after the incident.

In some cases, if you had any contribution to your injuries, contributory negligence is invoked and you will not be able to recover damages.

Contributory negligence can be argued in many ways, for instance:

  • you may not have been wearing proper footwear;
  • you may not have been paying attention;
  • you may have been distracted and not looking out for your safety;
  • you may have been walking through an area closed to the public or ignored a warning sign.

Because these cases tend to be highly complex, you will need the help of an experienced Miami lawyer from the start. An attorney will make the entire process of dealing with the local court system a lot more efficient and less time-consuming. An experienced attorney will assist you and ensure that you have collected all the significant evidence, you receive all the answers regarding your case, and you will receive fair compensation for your losses.

In such situations, even if you are partly responsible for the incident, you still have the right to receive compensation, only that the amount received will be reduced depending on the degree to which you contributed to the slip and fall accident.

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