What Are the Main Safety Tips Regarding a Bone Fracture Recovery?

Some of the main safety tips regarding a bone fracture recovery are giving your bones extra help throughout the recovery process by managing your symptoms, being aware of your nutrition intake, setting your house up for easy walking, getting plenty of sleep, following instructions for activities, going to physical therapy, and watching out for problems.

While you are recovering from your fracture, make sure you exercise your body, mind, and spirit, and be sure to keep up with exercise and outdoor activity. Do your physical therapy exercises every day, but choose a time when pain levels are lowest. Spend some time outside, take walks or relax, and keep yourself mentally active through reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing online games, staying connected with friends and family, and attending social events such as family get-togethers or lunches with your friends.

Your recovery will go better if you follow your doctor’s orders and stay as active as possible. Also, you will be provided with some tips to make your home safer and your life easier while you recover. Here are a few tips to consider while recovering from your fracture:

  • If you use crutches, walkers or canes, remove potential dangers from your home.
  • Learn how to use your walking aid before you leave the hospital.
  • If the cast is made of Plaster of Paris, keep it away from water and in the first two days of wearing it, do not put pressure on it as it takes some time to dry.
  • If you have fractured your legs or feet, install handlebars around your home.

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