What Are Children Medical Error Cases?

As medical errors in the case of children can have dire consequences because of the fragile nature of the patients and their inability to articulate response, children medical errors are treated very severely by the law, as in the case of surgical errors, wrong dosage, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis etc.

Although more fragile, children are not being kept safe all the time, even in the most famous hospitals. Doctors work long shifts, they attend unexpected or unplanned emergencies and medical errors happen. However, this does not mean a medical error, of any kind, should be excused, especially those regarding children. A child medical error case is a situation where:

  • the wrong dosage of medication was administered,
  • a surgical error happened,
  • a diagnosed was delayed, or
  • the doctor failed to diagnose the child correctly, or
  • the lab results were wrongfully interpreted.

Your child is exposed to injuries from the moment you bring him or her into the world. This is why, choosing a good doctor is a critical factor, and sometimes it can make the difference between a happy, normal life and a life of pain.

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