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Are There Any Financial Risks Involved in a Lawsuit?

The main risk involved in a lawsuit is the if the plaintiff declines a settlement offer and decides to go the trial route and loses the lawsuit, they could be responsible for the other side's financial expenses. However, that almost never happens because even if there are problems with the case, there are many opportunities along the way for clients to solve the case in their favor.

Pursuing a lawsuit and trial after an accident or in another type of injury case in Miami may be an option if settlement negotiation is not working. There is practically no risk involved in a lawsuit, as our contract stipulates clients do not have to pay us anything if they do not win the case.

You have two options after hiring a lawyer for your case:

  • The lawyer can settle the injury claim out of court.
  • You can sue the responsible party and follow through with a court trial.

Once you decide to accept a settlement, you cannot change your mind.

Taking a case to trial increases the chances of receiving a higher financial compensation through a jury award. However, a particular risk may be related to the payment of the lawsuit expenses for the winning part in case of a loss. This aspect is transparently stipulated in our contract.

Your lawyer is in the best position to let you know when a settlement offer is fair, or when your case is strong, and you should go to trial. Consult an experienced Miami lawyer before giving up your right to sue or accepting/turning down a settlement. 

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