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Do Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Insurance Calls?

Yes, personal injury attorneys do handle everything regarding your case, including insurance calls. Typically, the opposing party's insurance company will contact the victim and ask for a settlement, hoping that they haven't had the opportunity to discuss with an attorney yet. We strongly recommend that you do not give any statements to the opposing party's insurance representatives and that you let the personal injury attorney discuss with them.

The answer is yes, our law firm deals with all types of insurance calls. Whether it is a Miami car accident or a Florida medical error, we always get in touch with the insurance company and take the pressure and stress off of our clients. We usually represent clients at the meetings with the insurance claim representative. We can exempt you from having to deal with all the paperwork and negotiation hassle.

However, make sure you follow the advice below. If you have questions, please call our Miami based office.

The Don'ts

  • DON'T give any recorded or written statements to your insurer until you are sure you understand your coverage.
  • DON'T allow the insurance company to record your telephone conversation.
  • DON'T automatically accept the estimate of your losses given to you by the insurer.
  • DON'T sign any releases or waivers of any kind until you obtain legal advice.
  • DON'T accept any check that says "final payment" unless you are ready to do so.
  • DON'T ignore the fine print on any payment from the insurance company.
  • DON'T ignore time limits set by your policy.
  • DON'T forget you have a contract with your insurer, who has a legal obligation to provide the coverage it promised you.

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