Is Delaying Medication Administration or Diagnosis a Malpractice Case?

Medical malpractice includes conditions caused by delayed administration of medication and delayed diagnosis. Acting at the right time is critical in many cases, and failure to do so can cause injury and even death. If you were negligently treated, you have the right to sue.

Absolutely. If your actual condition exists because your doctor failed to diagnose you correctly or delayed your diagnostic, your case could be a malpractice one. For example, in a case of appendicitis, delayed diagnosis can even lead to death. Acting at the right time is critical for any patient. If you were negligently treated, you have the right to sue.

One of the main elements of a medical malpractice claim is the burden to show that the missed diagnosis caused or contributed to the worsening of the outcome and that the delay in the diagnosis also made a difference. In other words, we have to show that you would have had a better outcome if the treating providers had done their job properly.

A medical error exists when the doctor delayed administering the right medication for your condition, and it led to its worsening. This can be considered a malpractice case. There are many such cases in which patients got the wrong treatment due to misinterpretation of the laboratory results, the wrong medication aggravating their condition. Also, administering the wrong drugs could affect other organs, especially the liver.

You have a case if the delays in medication administration fall below the standard of care. Also, we will need a medical professional to testify that the delay is malpractice and it harmed you.

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