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How Long Will It Take to Solve My Pediatric Malpractice Case?

Depending on how complex the case is, your pediatric malpractice case could stretch for anything from six months to five years. Consult a lawyer to become familiar with the statute of limitations and the best options available in your particular case.

The period it takes a case to develop fully depends on the complexity of the case. If the case is a complex one, the conclusion can come after a long period. A more simple case can also take as long as a complex one due to possible delays. Some doctors offer medical options to solve the case. They offer reparation, prolonging the case. Your attorney should encourage you to accept the best medical solution and then think about the legal one.

Simple cases can last for six months or even more and in complex cases the damages can be paid after five years. One thing you should keep in mind is that there is a statute of limitation you need to take into consideration. 

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