Is the Dust That Comes Out of an Airbag Toxic?

We can only represent you if the airbag physically hurt you! Sodium azide, a chemical found in automobile airbags, is toxic if it gets released into the air and you're exposed to inhaling the dust or the gas that is formed.

Have you been in an accident where an airbag deployed?

Besides the impact of the airbag on your body, you will feel something like a warm powder suddenly covering you.

Most airbags used sodium azide as their explosive to generate nitrogen gas and propel, and ammonium nitrate, also used in its propellant to generate gases to inflate the airbag, turned out to be very unstable and untamable.

An explosion involving sodium azide may cause burn injury as well as expose people to hydrozoic acid, a toxic gas. Please note that toxic chemicals in the airbags that are inhaled rarely will cause serious injuries.

Immediate symptoms are cough, dizziness, headache, nausea, and vomiting, diarrhea. We only handle cases that result from airbags that involve a serious physical injury!

Can I Sue for Injuries Suffered After an Airbag Deployed?

A malfunctioning airbag can turn into a product liability claim. We must be able to prove that some component of the airbag was defective when it left the manufacturer, or that the airbag was designed in a way that made it unreasonably dangerous. We take cases for the most common physical injuries caused by airbags:

The potential defendants in a product liability lawsuit in an airbag injury case are usually:

  • The automobile manufacturer
  • The airbag manufacturer
  • Whoever did the inspection, maintenance, or replacement of the car's airbag after purchase

The cause of an accident may be the actions of the driver who hit you or those of an airbag manufacturer if the airbag was defective. In-depth knowledge of product liability and personal injury law will ensure you are getting full compensation, which is why a qualified attorney can help you in these types of accident cases.

What Should I Do If I Think an Airbag Malfunctioned?

The most important thing after an accident is to preserve the evidence related to the airbag.

  • Keep a copy of the police report generated after the accident
  • Retain records of your medical treatment
  • Save any information provided by the car or airbag manufacturer
  • Do not let the airbag be thrown away after the accident
  • Make sure that you do not let the car be junked or transferred to the insurance company

Remember that, in litigation, it is always the plaintiff’s burden of proving that the defendant was negligent. Because cases involving airbags can get very complicated, it's important to have an experienced attorney on your side. One of the attorney's key responsibilities is going to be investigating what happened in your case and preparing a clear and convincing argument for liability on the part of the manufacturer.

Your attorney will retain the right experts to determine whether the airbag functioned properly. That means enlisting the help of engineers, safety experts, accident reconstructionists, or other experts. If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a defective airbag, contact The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary, you may be entitled to recover damages to cover medical costs, pain, and suffering, and lost wages.

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