When Is a Driver Underinsured?

Florida is a no-fault state, and every vehicle owner is required to carry his or her own auto insurance. An underinsured driver has minimum insurance that does not cover all the expenses of a possible accident. What this usually means is that an underinsured driver will not be able to pay the full amount of damages.

An underinsured driver is a person who bought insurance that does not cover all the expenses of a possible accident. If an underinsured driver hits you and damages your car or your physical integrity, his or her insurance policy will not cover all the damages.

To prevent such cases, drivers can get an underinsured motorist coverage. This clause will protect them from drivers whose liability limits are too low.

When you purchase a car, proof of insurance is required to obtain the appropriate vehicle registration. In the US, there are different car insurances which will cover different aspects.

The minimum limits for Florida vehicle insurance coverage are:

  • $10,000 no-fault or PIP, personal injury protection insurance.
  • $10,000 PDL, property damage liability insurance.

Personal Injury Protection covers 80% of your medical bills and 60% of your lost wages after an accident, regardless of fault, up to $10.000 in general and property damage coverage. The kicker is that Bodily Injury Coverage is not mandatory in Florida.

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