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Can Patients or Their Families Sue a Hospital For HAI?

Proving liability is the hardest part in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The treatment course must be verified by a medical expert, who can determine whether the standard of care was followed. Medical malpractice cases are usually brought against the attending staff rather than the hospital.

As is the case with all medical malpractice cases, proving liability is the hardest part. In this case, a qualified medical practitioner would have to verify the treatment process that the patient went through. This is why at The Law Offices Of Sean M. Cleary, we work with qualified medical experts to help determine liability in such cases.

The job of the medical expert will be to determine whether the standard of care was followed during the treatment process. Since the hospital services are normally given by the hospital staff, medical malpractice cases are usually brought against the concerned staff. However, this will depend on which service the patient was requiring when the infection occurred.

It is for this reason that a patient has to rely on professionals as those at The Law Offices of Sean M. Cleary since such cases are very complicated. Owing to the years of experience we have had with malpractice cases, we can determine whether yours is viable.

When liability is established, the client or the family can then file a lawsuit against the hospital or the medical practitioner who is directly responsible.

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