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I Was Involved in a Truck Accident in Miami. What Should I Do?

If you were involved in a truck accident, pull over when safe, check yourself and passengers for injuries, call the police and do not alter the accident scene. Get medical attention if at all necessary. Cooperate with the police, but do not give or sign any statement without first contacting an attorney.

In the past few years, Miami has frequently appeared on the top of the lists of cities with the highest number of trucking accidents. Trucks are more likely to be involved in serious multi-car crashes than other passenger cars.

The first thing to do after a truck accident is to stop. Do not leave the accident scene no matter how slight it was. Check if the other passengers were not injured and stay calm. If you or another person was injured call medical assistance and do not move him/her from the vehicle.

Call the police and do not move the damaged vehicle/s. This will help experts reconstruct the accident scene and determine who caused the crash. Cooperate with the police but do not admit fault.

Don't give any written statement and do not sign anything without first contacting an attorney. Write the truck's license plate, the name and phone number of the driver, as well as contact information of any witnesses.

Save images of the accident site and of the vehicle/s. Make sure you get a medical examination done at the site of the accident to rule out any injuries or to have proof that the sustained injuries were caused by the accident.

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